Christmas Cards 2011

We would like to sincerely thank the children who have done these beautiful designs for us: Hassan, Tayba, Blossom, Noah and Alessia. Without our young designers and the support of their families we would not be able to produce these cards. To read about our young designers see below.


The story of the card designers

Hassan and Tayba live with their parents and their two older sisters. Their sisters have both been affected by a genetic life limiting condition which causes profound disability, seizures and developmental delay. They require 24 hour care in the home and a high level of attention and input from their parents and other adults in the house

Because of the profound disability of their sisters Hassan and Tayba often miss out on usual childhood activities like holidays and days out . They play a hugely adult role in caring for their sisters and have to get used to their home being visited by endless professionals, carers and strange people interrupting meal times, tv watching and time with their parents.

Hassan and Tayba have been spending time with Laura, the Kaleidoscope play specialist. This allows them to be children, to play, to have 1.1 attention and an opportunity to talk about the difficult feelings and emotions they might be dealing with. They have really enjoyed this time, including making these Christmas cards!

Alessia is 2 years old. She is a very loving, happy little girl. Alessia enjoys all of the the same things other children of her age enjoy – playing games, getting messy and cuddles! But sadly Alessia needs more help to do all of these things. She has a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy which has weakened her muscles, and resulted in her having to put up with many hospital appointments and medical procedures.

JHHHT helps children like Alessia, and her family were happy that she could make a card for them. She really enjoyed creating her angel – especially covering her hands (and everyone else’s) with paint! When she had finished it, she sang, ‘Ta Da!’ and gave a big smile. She is very proud of her creation.

Noah is 2 years old. He is a fantastic little brother to Seth, 8 years old, and Jonah, 5.

When Jonah was a baby, he had to undergo a major operation which left him very poorly, and with vastly different needs from his brothers’. The family had to adapt quickly and make some huge changes. Seth coped with this amazingly and helped his parents, and Jonah, through the tough times. When Noah was born, the family had settled into a routine, and Noah, with his sunny and loving nature, fitted play and laughter around hospital visits and adaptations to the family home. He has coped brilliantly and is a wonderful play mate to Seth and Jonah – Jonah loves watching his brothers, who are a constant source of entertainment to him.

Noah loves getting messy with paints, and created his Christmas designs with smiles and determination! He was very pleased with the results, and was enjoying himself so much that he continued painting with Jonah afterwards.

Blossom is 8 years old. She likes art , ballet, rabbits and guinea-pigs!

(Kaleidoscope is an NHS run, nurse-led palliative care service supporting families in Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster and was the service that helped care for Joshua Hayday.)