Royal Parks Half Marathon 2011

On Sunday 9 October 2011, 27 runners took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon ( in central London to raise funds for JHHHT. After costs, the event raised over £18,852 which is an outstanding effort by all.

The following runners took part. Their fund raising pages can be accessed via the surname links.

Amy Hunsworth Janis Redmond
Neil Hunsworth Heather Porter
Tom Thorne Arjun Muddu
Emma Thorne Anne-Laure Condat
Richard Levy Chris Horte
Jordan Sriharen Alastair Eakins
Catriona Lloyd Markus Wilding
Calum Nicol Rachel Jones
Tony Geffin Zankhna Shah
Chris Williams Zachary Sananes
Francis Kucera Nick Hayday
Sarah Kucera Emily Britt
Matt Price Ross Clements
Nick O’Brien

Event Information

Information about the day can be found through the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon website



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