Royal Parks Half Marathon 2013

On Sunday 6 October 2013, 79 runners took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon ( in central London to raise funds for JHHHT. Many many thanks to everyone.

We had a place in the Charity Exhibition Marquee this year which worked really well as a meeting point for runners and supporters.

The event raised over £35,000 (including gift aid), which is an outstanding effort by all.

Please see here for lots of photos from the day.

The following runners took part.

Catriona Lloyd
Yosef Salameh
Stephen Surgeoner
Philip McDougall
Sam Salameh
Katie Kelly
Stuart King
Guy Bransby
Mark Porter
Kat Campbell-Ricketts
Andrew Pitt
Clare Fieldsing
Marcus Mackenzie
Cameron Judson
Emily Cochrane
William Trotman
Nick Hayday
Francis Kucera
Sarah Kucera
Lucinda Bates
Neville Webb
Parry Hughes-Morgan
Charles King
Conor Redmond
Sam Bardon
Sandy Grieve
Edward Holloway
Helen Jones
Anne-Laure Condat
Tim Kemp
Martha Kemp
Cindy Butler-Hills
Paul De Gruchy
Simon Hood
Lianne McDonnell
Ben Burkill
Emma Gallagher
Jesse Fairley
Thomas Cochran
Deepti Sharma
Rahul Sharma
Jennifer Ellis
Jenny Mcivor
Robyn Llewellyn
David Brown
Hugh Pryse-Davies
Chris Snell
David McAlister
Carla Hood
Chris Dearie
Joanna Corr
Zoe kelly
Ruth Ainley
Chris Williams
Zach Sanares
Carly Brinn
Emma Scott
Philip Hill
David Ace
Karen Stewart
Phil Marsh
Mark Barrett
Simon McKnight
Derek Valles
Alex Campbell
Megan Castellano
Nicola Jones
Katie Leech
Charlie Osbourne
James Petrie
Catherine Seymour
Swati Bhatti
Shivani Sharma
William Luker
Ben Lyons
James Ashton-Smith
Robert Guthrie
James Buchols
Jaclyn Dove
Jonathan Dale
Chioma Amobi
Jenny Leahy
Phillip O’Mara
Sophie Cunliffe
Tom Davies
Nick Howitt
Mark Gnotke
Laura Gnotke